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September 10, 2017 2 Comments

Ordering Merino Wool Felt should be easy, hassle free and fun. From time to time I pretend to be a customer and pop onto my store and poke around and add products to cart making sure the site is performing as it should be and look for new ways to improve the ordering process.

I added a 20 sheet pack of 8x12" Merino Wool Felt Sheets and proceed to type in all the colours I wanted.

What A Pain In The B*t!

Why oh why hasn't anyone told me how annoying this process is. Going to each colour making sure it's in stock, going back to cart, typing in the colour, remembering the colour names. Crikey it was such a task.

Now I was on a mission, surely there was an easier way!


After a few hours of research and reading reviews I was able to add an application to allow discounts to occur automatically.

Now you will be able to order the Standard 8x12" Sheets of Merino Wool adding them to cart and watch your discount apply without any hassle, and it's a nice surprising little pop up window telling you how much you have saved each time you reach the next level of discounts.

Here's how it works.

Let's say Francine Felty want's to order a bunch of 8x12" Merino Wool Felt Sheets in pinks and purples.

As she is selecting her colours a pop up window appears telling her she has qualified for a discount.

Francine is very delighted with this and continues shopping, enjoying her hassle free experience.

So what are the discount breakdowns?

Each time you add any colour combination of the 8x12" Sheets of Merino Wool Felt you will automatically receive discounts when you order 10 or more sheets. The larger the purchase the larger the discounts.

Discount brackets for 8x12" Sheets of Merino Wool Felt are

>10-19 items = per sheet approx $3.23

>20-29 items = per sheet approx $3.13

>30-49 items = per sheet approx $2.96

>50-99 items = per sheet approx $2.79

>100+   = per sheet approx $2.55

With these savings automatically added to your cart you can just sit back and order freely knowing you products are in stock and will dramatically reduce the backorders.

Many of you are already loving this new feature especially those who have experienced replacement colours for items requested were actually out of stock.

With this new feature in place the Merino Wool Felt Pack listings have been removed. Only the Glitter & Rainbow Glitter Merino Wool Felt Packs are left.

I look forward to more feedback on this and hope you enjoy the new feature.

Take care and have a beautiful crafty week lovelies!

Candice xxx

2 Responses

kay Schulz
kay Schulz

September 21, 2017

I am pleased you have altered your ordering system. It was not easy at all before. Looking forward to next time I order.

Robbyn Hutton
Robbyn Hutton

September 10, 2017

Do you only sell felt? I am a felter in Sth Aus. I used to live in Blackbutt and my work was based in Chincilla.

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