Neon Flush Festive Season Collection

Neon Flush Wool Felt Collection is complemented with Heather Strawberries & Cream, Shrimp, Neon Pink, Rainbow Pink Glitter & Pink Carousel Glitter. Five luscious colours to bring your Neon Flush to light.

In true Christmas Spirit this pack is already discounted at 20%!

This Pack contains 3 colours of 100% Merino Wool Felt in Heather Strawberries & Cream, Shrimp in Standard 8x12" Size & 2 colours of Glitter Wool Felt in Rainbow Pink & Pink Carousel in 6x9.5".

Size: 8x12" & 6x9.5"

Quantity: 5 Single Sheets

Colours: Heather Strawberries & Cream, Shrimp, Neon Pink, Rainbow Pink Glitter & Pink Carousel Glitter

Wool Felt is great for: needle felting projects, doll-making, felt flowers for headbands, wreaths, or scrapbooks, rugs, purses, cellphone and laptop covers and just about any other project you can think of!

For more product information and technical specs click here About Merino Wool Felt