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Wool Felt Activity Board Pattern and Kit

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Pack Choice: 100% Wool, Glitter Wool and Hard Copy Pattern

Introducing My Felt Lady's Wool Felt Activity Board - A Sensory Play Board For Little Growing Minds

This pattern & kit makes life easier by only including the amount of felt needed to create the Felt Activity Board, not having to purchase large sheets, reducing waste and saving money.

Let your child's imagination go wild with this Felt Activity Board. Fitted into a picture frame for transport and display and accompanied by a felt carry case to keep all the pieces safe, this playset is designed to encourage your child to create a world of their own using the shapes and then acting out their own story. Where will their imagination take them next I wonder?

In the cover illustration, the playset is made completely from 100% Merino Wool Felt. The reason for this is for its durability and colourfast nature which will allow your child to play for years to come. The 100% Merino Wool Felt sold in my store is completely safe for use with children and I would advise using 100% Merino Wool Felt above all others if you intend your child to play with the finished product. Using other materials such as polyester or acrylic felt may not last and is not certified safe for use with children. Some of the items in this pattern are small and will require adult supervision for children under the age of 4 years.

With optional extra's of Glitter Wool Felt Pieces you'll be creating a masterpiece for your little one for hours and hours of imaginative play

Originally released in the One Thimble Magazine Issue 19

Included in the Wool Felt Activity Board Pattern & Kit;

  • Complete Pattern with Instructions to make Wool Felt Activity Board
  • 8x12" Baby Blue
  • 8x12" Clover Green
  • 8x12" Midnight Blue
  • 6x8" of White, Beige Skin, Moss, Brown, Espresso, Camel, Heather Grey, Caramel, Latte, Ivory & Red
  • 3x4" of Orange, Granny Smith Apple, Pink Sherbet, Yellow, and Silver
  • 2x3" Camel, Robins Egg, Aquamarine, Lightning Yellow and Grey
  • 2.5x3" Glitter Turquoise

Optional Glitter Wool Felt

  • 2.5x3" Glitter Red, Green, White & Silver