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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets

It started with a little Glitter...


It's the most wonderful time of the year....

When the crafters are crafting, creating and making it's all in good cheer!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I just love this time of year, so many people doing amazing things for others, making and creating... Ahhhh... it really does make you feel wonderful.
So you could just imagine my delight when Lauren from Molly and Mama showed me her newest design 'Festive Felties' for One Thimble Sewing E-Zine Issue 9 which has just been released today. Oh they are really just so beautiful. So I couldn't resist using my newest addition to my collection s... am I right or what!?!
So how does one get started on a little project like this? We pull out all the Wool Felt from your hidden secret stash and start dreaming and colour matching. I really wanted to use my favorite colour Winter Breeze in this one so that was the first thing I pulled out and worked the rest around that. This is what I came up with.
I didn't want it to look too much like the beautiful ones Lauren made, but I was kidding myself really. We both have the exact same taste HAHA.
So off I went to my trusty Brother Scan N Cut to start cutting out my pieces. This is such a quick process, if you want to see heaps more on this just look up #RPCWithBrotherScanNCut on Instagram. I'm a little Nuts for my Brother!
Before long I had everything cut out and ready for piecing.
So first up was the delightful little Mouse. With those sleepy eyes and very cute whiskers it was easy to start this one first. Another wonderful thing to mention is Lauren's very descriptive pattern. She goes to great lengths to make sure any newbies to hand sewing can do this with ease, and I know for a fact that this is very much appreciated. My close friends and I sew together from time to time and they are very new to hand sewing so they just love Lauren's designs.
Next up is the Reindeer. This little one is such a cute design and with that smile, you just can't resist wanting to make more.
Finally the delicious cupcake. I had thought about this one for a while and really wanted to do nearly the whole thing in Glitter, but I resisted just because I wanted it to be soft like the rest of them.
So there you have it, all three beautiful designs ready for either the Christmas Tree, a broach or even a beautiful garland (which by the way would look amazing!)
So now onto the next important part of this Blog... the Glitter Felt! Yes today is the day you can purchase my newest product Glitter Wool Felt which is now available online.
Also to commemorate this wonderful day I've created two beautiful packs that you can purchase and be on the way to make your very own "Festive Felites".
The colours used in both Lauren's and my creations will be available in either a half pack or a full sheet pack. A half pack is plenty of wool felt to make all three, and a full pack... well I'll just let you use your own imagination shall I!
I've absolutely enjoyed making these Festive Felties and I know for sure you will too.
So don't forget to download your copy of Issue 9 of One Thimble Sewing E-Zine available NOW! Click on the picture below to get your copy.
One Thimble Issue 9 Out Now
Oh, and don't forget, you can still purchase the Merino Wool Felt Pack for the Coco Felt Flower crown as well as the previous Issue 8 which has the pattern as well as so many other wonderful designs to get yourself stuck into sewing this festive season!
It's the most wonderful time of the year....
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