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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets

New Look??? Maybe?

I've been thinking about doing something new with the website. Sometimes I look at it and I think... This could be so much more fun to look at.

It's hard to get the "right look" for your page. Shopping cart at the top or the side, banner images with featured items down the side or even just as simple as where should the catalogue menus go... top or bottom???

When I look around at other sites, I always tend to be more interested in the page if it's easy to navigate. I like my grounded easy look, but I get bored with seeing the same thing after a while and I look to update, or upgrade to something a little more professional. Because after all, we all like a bit of a change every now and then.

So I'll be fiddling around with the page over the next few day's so if it looks funny, don't be too worried, it's just me playing around with new ideas.

So what do you really think of my Glitter Wool Felt??? Why not leave me a note on the product page, you can give it a little review about how much you LOVE it!

 Have you seen the incredible Rose Petal Collections savings you can get in the newest edition of One Thimble Sewing E-Zine?

Firstly, let me just point something out. This magazine is Incredibly Great Value, for $25 you get the entire magazine with 11 Sewing Patterns and over 20 Sewing Articles.

So really that's over $100 worth of PDF Sewing Patterns and Articles for only $25!

AND... I've got something special to offer all One Thimble Issue 10 Readers.

Check this out...

 To get the code, purchase this month's Issue 10 and you'll find the code on page 108 the to enter at checkout when you purchase your felt.

That's it from me lovelies... I'll leave you with a few more gorgeous pics of Merino Wool Felt... mmmmmm :)



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