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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets

Christmas Delivery Closure Dates And A Special Gift Just For You

Crazy Festive Season is upon us so get in quick!

With Christmas just around the corner and the new year upon us it truly is the best time to get your holiday sewing ideas together and your craft products assembled.

We've all been there and seen something fabulous on Pinterest and thought 'Oh I really want to do that!'. Then went to the craft cupboard and the craft cupboard was bare.

So why not make sure you have all you need this holiday season before time runs out. To make sure all your goods arrive safely this Christmas close off dates are as follows.

For any International deliveries close off dates for Pre-Christmas orders is

30th November 2016

For Australia Wide deliveries, close off dates for Pre-Christmas orders is

7th December 2016

I can never guarantee deliveries before a certain date, because as soon as I send it off with Australia Post unfortunately the control is out of my hands. To add to this Australia Post has changed their deliveries this year and it has not been in a way to speed up the process but rather the opposite, this makes my job even more difficult to know how long it is going to take to get from my door to yours.  One way we can speed up the process is if you upgrade your postage to Priority or Express, this will give you a much better chance of your products arriving on time.

Easy to make products with even easier Wool Felt Collections

So with all the amazing things you can do with Merino Wool Felt, why not make it easier for yourself by checking out some beautiful Pinterest saved on my page?  Wait, did you even know I have a page? Remember to follow me on Pinterest at Rose Petal Collections.

There is a special board on Felt Projects that I'm sure you will just adore. 

The best thing about some of these small projects is that you don't even need a whole lot of felt to complete them, you may have enough stashed. Another option is to purchase a specially selected collection from the website, this is a perfect way toadd a few more colours to your ever growing stash with colours that you know will complement each other.

View this one and more in the Colour Inspirations Collection online now.

Mystery Gift Pack Just For You!

Since it is the season of giving,  I have one last very special gift for you all and I'm sure you'll all agree it's going to be a great one to get your crafty juices flowing.

For any customer who purchases anything online to the value of $40 or more will be treated to a $50 worth of products for only $20!

What's inside this special gift??? Well, that's the surprise! It could have magazines, fabric, patterns, wool felt, buttons and so much more.

The elves in my house have been busy and the presents are already wrapped and ready to go to their new home.  These are so exciting I know you are going to LOVE THEM!

So remember this amazing pack is worth over $50! All you have to do is put in an order for $40 and then for only $20 more you can have your very own mystery present.  Just think a gift for yourself where you are surprised and you don’t even need to wait for Christmas Day!

Oh, and one last thing! Don't forget these beautiful new colours of Merino Wool Felt with my obvious favorite Carnation Pink... so delicious!

Take Care lovelies and have a Wonderful Festive Season!

Candice xxx

my inspirations are your creations


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