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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
New Limited Edition Glitter Wool Felt Collection & a Free Tutorial from Molly & Mama

New Limited Edition Glitter Wool Felt Collection & a Free Tutorial from Molly & Mama

It's time to Sparkle and Shine!

Calling all glitter felt lovers! Calling all glitter felt lovers! Rose Petal Collections has some exciting news but you are going to have to be fast! 

Are you ready to be amazed with something so beautiful and sparkly to really inspire your felt crafts?

As of right now I am releasing some new glitter felt colours, however, this will not be part of the regular range as it’s a very special and will only be around while stocks last. 

Introducing the newest Limited Edition Glitter Wool Felt Sprinkles Collection!

This particular collection consists of 7 exclusive colours of - Pink, Pale Pink, Purple, Blue, Green Yellow, and Orange.  Did I mention these is only a limited amount of stock so get in quick!

With a rainbow of colours how can you resist experiencing this darling and exquisite collection.

In the pack you will receive a sheet of each colour listed above in either the small (15cm x 20cm) or large (20cm x 30cm) sheets.  Click on the link below to purchase.

Are you thinking how wonderful these colours are but have no idea what to do with them? Well, the very talented and lovely Lauren from Molly and Mama has created a yummy pattern for you to get your craft on with these new Glitter Wool Felt Colours.

It's my pleasure to share this free tutorial - Felt Donut Ornaments.

Make Felt Donut Ornaments

A simple and easy to follow felt tutorial from Molly and Mama

Hello felt lovers! It’s Lauren here from MOLLY AND MAMA . I was so thrilled when Candice asked me to design a fun project to inspire you with your felt sewing, and to showcase her beautiful range of glitter felt colours. So I decided to share a tutorial for sewing sweet and simple donuts.

Create a bowl of donuts for fun food play. What a delicious gift! Or add a hanging loop for the cutest Christmas decorations you’ve ever seen.

Time to get started!

You will need

  • Two 4” (10cm) squares of 100% wool felt for the donut
  • One 4” (10cm) square of glitter wool felt for the icing
  • One 4” (10cm) square of freezer paper (optional – to transfer the donut template to the felt)
  • One 4” (10cm) square of fusible bonding web for appliqué (like Vliesofix)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Large eyed long needle
  • DMC embroidery floss to match the donut and icing felt colours
  • 10” (25cm) of embroidery floss for a hanging loop (optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small scissors for felt cutting
  • Polyester hobby fill
  • Chop stick or similar tool
  • Print Out of the TEMPLATE

Let’s Get Sewing 

Trace the Donut Shape from the template onto the paper side of the freezer paper and roughly cut around the outside of the shape. Iron the freezer paper onto the donut felt (be sure to cover the felt with a press cloth or scrap of cotton fabric). The shiny side of the paper will stick to the felt. Carefully cut out the donut shape including the hole in the centre, then peel off the freezer paper. Reuse the paper to cut a second donut shape from the felt.

Trace the donut icing shape onto the paper side of the fusible bonding web and roughly cut out around the outside of the shape. Place it onto the back of the piece of glitter felt so that the paper side of the web is facing you. Cover the felt and web with a press cloth and then iron the web onto the felt.

Cut out the icing shape and peel off the backing paper. Place the icing over one of the donut circles. Cover with a press cloth and press the glitter felt to secure it to the donut shape.

Thread your embroidery needle with two strands of floss to match your glitter icing colour. Sew the outside curved edge of the icing to the donut shape using a small fine running stitch.

Place the donut top and bottom together and use pins or quilting clips to hold them in place. Blanket stitch around the inside centre ring of the donut, stitching the top and bottom together. 

Thread your needle with two strands of floss to match your donut felt colour. Blanket stitch the outside edge of the donut, stopping when you’re halfway around (but keeping the floss intact). Roll small balls of polyester hobby fill and gently manoeuvre them into the donut using a chop stick or similar tool.


Continue to sew and stuff the donut until it is firmly filled and completely stitched.

Using the template as a guide, cut out 14 – 15 ‘sprinkles’ in various shades of  glitter felt.

Arrange the sprinkles onto the donut and then secure them in place with the hot glue gun. (If the donut is for a child under three, it is recommended that the sprinkles be securely stitched in place instead).

Create a number of different coloured donuts for some pretend play.

If you’d like to make the donuts into hanging ornaments, it’s super simple too. Fold a 10” (25cm) six strand length of embroidery floss in half and thread the loop through the eye of your large needle.

Push the needle in through the inside of the donut hole (through the seam) and out through the top seam.

Slide the needle off the top of the floss. Then pull the tails of the floss to make a loop on the outside of the donut that is approximately 1” (2.5cm) long. Tie a knot in the end of the floss (near the donut hole seam).

Pull the loop so that the knot pops up into the seam and is hidden inside the donut.

Trim the ends of the floss close to the seam, so they can’t be seen.

Your donut is all set to decorate the Christmas tree!

Extra tips:

Make smaller or larger donuts by simply reducing or enlarging the donut template on your printer.

Novice sewists (or children who are just learning) might like to replace the blanket stitching with whip stitch or running stitch to make this project a little easier.

You can personalise your donuts with embroidery. Create a keepsake for Christmas by adding a name, initials, or the year.

Thanks for sewing along. I hope you found this tutorial fun! Be sure to share your makes with us. Tag us on facebook at MOLLY AND MAMA or on instagram - #mollyandmama or #rosepetalcollections.

Thank you for having me Candice. For more free tutorials and sewing inspiration be sure to follow the MOLLY AND MAMA BLOG.

Happy stitching, Lauren x

How amazing are those donuts! I know everyone will want to get their hands on these beautiful colours but remember there is only a limited number of packs available so you need to get your order in NOW so you are not disappointed!

Happy Crafting

Candice xx

My Inspirations Are Your Creations

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