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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets

Short Delay on Orders

I would like to let you know that with all my efforts and all my denial of telling myself 'I am fine' it has finally hit me.... this lass is sick.

As mums we really try to keep going, and even as working mums the pressure to try harder is worse because missing out on a work day is very difficult. I have been unwell with a dreaded flu for too long and pushing myself any longer will only make things much more difficult to get better. So I'm checking out for two days to bring myself back to good health. Those of you who ordered from Thursday the 6th of July onwards will have short delays, but don't worry I'll have a little something for you in your parcel to make it up to you.

Thanks everyone... see you on the other side lol

Candice xxx

PS.... Let's hope the men of this house doesn't get it.

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Candice - Rose Petal - August 13, 2017

Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments. I am very much better now. xxx

Louise - August 11, 2017

Sorry to read you are unwell? Do take care and REST REST REST with men bringing cups of tea and scones? and LOTS of TLC xx

Justine - July 13, 2017

Just wondering if you can show me the dusty rose glitter felt. The scroll bar won’t load for me :(. Hope you feel better soon

Claire Ayling - July 11, 2017

Get Well Soon xxxxxx

Caroline - July 11, 2017

Hope you feel better soon xx

Christine - July 11, 2017

Get better quickly!! And don’t give it the men. It would be like getting sick all over again.

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