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Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair Rundown!

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair Rundown!

Flights booked, accommodation sorted and haven't travelled interstate in over 15 years... yeah, I've got this right!

I'm on my way to the airport and all I can think is 'I hope I don't look stupid trying to check in', I'm not kidding HAHA. I mean with all this new technology when you're flustered, unsure and anxious you can do silly things. Thankfully I didn't look like a noob, but I still had no idea how to check in... at least there are some beautiful people out there, I had help (insert silly wavy hand dance).

Settled in, set belt on, tray in the upright position and I felt like a Michael Bublé song. You know the one, "Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life, and I'm felling good". Yes, I always have a song in my head depicting the moment that's currently in play. Anyway, the flight was great, finding a taxi was seamless and I was checking in ready for a good nights rest to set up my stand the next day.

I was in walking distance to Sydney Showgrounds to the Dome, so it was a pleasant start to the day. Everything in place, all my stock had arrived and all I had to do was set up.

At this point you're thinking something surely had gone wrong, but guess what... with all the good vibe energy I had going on, nothing could touch me.

The stand set up was great, my neighbours were freaking amazing and I had all the time in the world to perfect my beautiful products on display. 

One thing I should mention is the most beautiful, talented, vivacious Wendy Williams. I was so lucky to have her beautiful quilts to display on my stand. We had Beautiful Blooms, Oh Christmas Tree, Birdsville Quilt and Flocks by Night. My goodness they are just SO beautiful.

Along with the quilt show stoppers we had gorgeous samples from Jodie Carlton, Ric Rac and delightfully stunning creations from Lauren Wright, Molly and Mama. We were set to go big or go home. And go big we did!

Every single day was different. I was sure that I knew the pattern of the days, which one would be busier, but that was not the case. It didn't matter what we showed on our stand, or what we planned for, the customers who visited us had a ball. And so did we.

One of our biggest sellers were Wendy's patterns along with Lauren's Beaded Baubles Christmas Ornaments. And I wont forget to mention Jodie's 'Is For' series, all the Alphabet animals, especially the Fox and the Koalas, we didn't have enough!

But one thing I didn't expect were the token pets visiting! I thought one of the beautiful little fur babies was a soft toy until it looked at me. He was so damn cute.

I think some of the wonderful things you can expect when you attend these craft conventions is not just the wonderful shopping you can do, there are amazing exhibits as well as guest artists for you to visit as well. I had the opportunity to visit the New South Wales Embroiders Guild and my goodness it was just stunning. They had a wall filled with streams of different coloured shades of leaves made from fabric, and the idea and design was just so simple. The floral arrangements and high tea cupcakes and treats were just amazing.

If these conventions happen in your major city I really do implore you to go and check it out, especially now that you can get free entry!

Yep, you read that correctly. Expertise Events also known as IntoCraft have now offered free entry into all their major craft conventions for the rest of the year. So if you are going to Brisbane in October, you'll expect to pay nothing to get in, giving you more spending money as well! Win Win!

My overall experience of the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair was awesome, the team from Expertise Events were nothing but amazing and to all the other exhibitors who surrounded me, thank you for your banter and fun loving nature, it was truly fulfilling experience. I'll definitely be back again next year.

Our next show will be in Brisbane for the Craft and Quilt Fair in October from the 12th to the 16th, 5 fun filled days of Laura and I prancing around, showing off our beautiful stock and having a good time.

Please hold of from ordering your ticket just yet as the site still has the ticket prices on there, but they will be free, I'll keep you posted as to when they change this. But in the mean time, put it in your calendar!

Cant wait to see you all there!

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