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DIY Craft - Woodland Gumnut Playhouse and Mini Forest

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We are thrilled you have taken a leap to create our Gum nut house and mini forest trees. This beautiful imaginary woodland house is perfect for all small dolls or even our peg doll or animal peg doll patterns. Endless hours of imaginary play for your little ones, or if you are inclined, a beautiful decor item for your shelf, somewhere special for the fae to sleep at night.

Sewing Level - Confident Beginner

What's Inside;

  • Woodland Gumnut Playhouse and Mini Forest Hard Copy Sewing Pattern
  • 100% Wool Felt in Dark Olive, Khaki Lime, Almond, Stone Grey, Cloudy Grey, Fir Tree
  • Wooden dowl in two sizes, 5cm & 8cm long
  • DMC Thread in matching colours
  • Sewing Needle