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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets

1000Hearts Support Information

In light of the most recent tragedy for those fallen in the Wieambilla shooting My Felt Lady has teamed up with the 1000Hearts program.

What is 1000Hearts - Direct from 1000Hearts About Page

1000 Hearts is a kindness community...
1000 Hearts is a global kindness community that I accidentally started in 2016 because I felt like the world really needed a bit of love.
When I began 1000 Hearts, I hand-stitched one thousand pocket hearts to be given away in random acts of kindness. I started getting messages from people who received the hearts and was touched to realise the power of these little hearts, which people carried as talismans of love, courage, hope and comfort.

My Felt Lady is making felt hearts to give to those in need in the Chinchilla community. If you are a heartist and want to contribute, here is some information that can help you get involved.

How to become a heartist

Head to 1000Hearts Page and find all the resources here

Click Here to start

Where to send the hearts for the Chinchilla Community

Please send your hearts to

My Felt Lady

PO Box 703

Chinchilla, Qld 4413

You can also send your hearts to the 1000Hearts Program here to support Sarah to help her give hearts to any others in need.

1000Hearts Project

PO Box 2066

Blackmans Bay

Tasmania 7052

Thank you so much to anyone who wants to get involved and if you need any more information, please feel free to contact me anytime at