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Soft Bunny Toy Free Pattern and Tutorial

I've always loved Easter and this year I'm trying to do my best not to overload my children with chocolate (I said try right!). These would be fantastic for your newborn or baby under one year of age. This Soft Bunny Toy is so easy and you can whip up quite a few in one afternoon.

What you will need

  • Bunny Pattern Click Here
  • 16"x12" of your favorite fabric for the body
  • 5"x5" of fabric for the fluffy tail
  • 10" of contrasting 1/2" wide ribbon
  • Crimping Scissors
  • Erasable Fabric Pen
  • Similar colour thread for the body or contrasting thread
  • Polyester toy fill
  • General Sewing Supplies

Putting it together

Print out the Bunny pattern and trace onto template plastic.

Place your body fabric wrong sides together (so you end up with 8"x12") and trace your bunny onto the fabric using erasable fabric pen. Make sure you mark the opening at the bottom of the bunny for stuffing.

Pin your fabric to secure both together and sew on the traced line.

Once you have finished sewing around the bunny get your crimping scissors and carefully cut around the bunny approx 1/8" from the sewn line.

Stuff the bunny through the opening at the bottom lightly so its soft and cuddly.

Once you have stuffed the bunny take back over to the sewing machine and finish sewing along the traced line to close the bunny.

Now add your ribbon around the neck. Tie in a bow or just a small knot shown in the picture. You could even be more creative and add a crochet flower or tie two little bows around the ears instead of the neck.

Cut out the circle from your contrasting fabric for the tail. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle approx 1/8" from the edge. Place your finger inside and pull the thread so it looks like a little tiny bag. Place some stuffing inside and pull the thread tightly to form the bunnies tail.

Place the tail onto the back of the bunny in the position marked on the pattern body. Ladder stitch this onto the bunny using good strong polyester thread.


These are just so easy to make and would make beautiful gifts this easter.

Hope you enjoyed my little Easter Soft Bunny Toy tutorial. I hope you all have a lovely Easter Break, Stay Safe, Travel Safe and have loads of fun spending time with your family.

XXX Candice

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