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Christmas Creations! Shop all things Christmas Online Now

Busting to the rafters with Merino Wool Felt Scraps!

To be honest I never really thought I had that many off cuts of felt but once I started to sort them out, I was so surprised. Why in the world did I leave it that long before doing this!

Initially I was going to just randomly pick out colours and bag them up but once I started to dive further into the deeper end of the stack I realised I had enough to put them into their colour shades.

So I spent the last week sorting them and trimming them up so they could be posted without costing too much (that's how much I love you guys, I make sure it won't cost too much to post lol). And the end result... 104 packs equaling to over 6kg in weight of scraps! Crikey!

Never will I leave it that long again.

So here they are, ready for new homes.










I can't quite remember the last time I held a Giveaway Competition? So on that note, stay tuned later this evening 8pm 14th June 2017 for an Instagram competition, you wont want to miss it.

Take Care Lovelies, have a great evening browsing through these beauties.

Candice xx

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Marette - June 21, 2017

Received my scrap packs yesterday. Extremely happy customer. Looking forward to buying more scrap packs as they become available.

Rose Petal - June 19, 2017

I totally agree Susan, keep an eye out as I will nearly be ready to re-stock again, this time with mixed bags. Candice xx

Rose Petal - June 19, 2017

Hello Christine, At the moment I had so much that I created similar coloured packs. As time goes on and I obtain more scraps I will do some mixed bags. At this stage I am nearly ready to do some more packs so keep an eye out for the next newsletter. xx Candice

susan smith - June 14, 2017

wow what a fabulous idea…..can’t wait to find out how much these packs will be and the postage!!! woo hoo…don’t know how I will pick which colour I want….Actually I’d love a mixed pack!!! a little bit of each!!!

Christine - June 14, 2017

I have tried to order a variety of these scrap packs but the cart says multiple packs of the one colour and not 1 each of different colours. What do I need to do to get it right?

Lee-Anne Fitzgerald - June 14, 2017

Exciting waiting with anticipation ?

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