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Candy Is This Dusty Rose? Um, Isn't This Dusty Rose? Counting Stock Can Be Fun

Candy Is This Dusty Rose? Um, Isn't This Dusty Rose? Counting Stock Can Be Fun

Laura: Hey Candy, is this one Dusty Rose?

Candy: Um, let me look at the back?

Laura: (turns over Glitter Felt to look at the Wool Felt colour on the back)

Candy: Nah, that's Pink Carousel.

Laura: Isn't this one Pink Carousel?

Candy: (now getting confused) Ah, hang on... Put them Both Together?

Laura & Candy: (both inspecting Glitter Wool Felt colours)

Candy: Yeah, that one was Dusty Rose... We need a break LOL!

Counting, 1, 2, 3... Laura and I were super busy yesterday with stock take. Yes it's early but I'm trying to get a head of the tax man this year.

It also meant that the Wool Felt delivery I received is online as well as 5 new colours.


New Wool Felt Colours

Yep, you read that correctly! Introducing Cashmere (by the way, oh my gosh), Scarlet Red (she's so sassy), Citrus (holy brightness Batman!), Forest Green (I get lost in this one) and Blue Maldives (oh just stop it and take me there already!).


Now that makes my Wool Felt Collection a total of 103! So many choices now you'll definitely find the right colour for your creations.


Other Items New To Store

So did you also notice some of my very own PDF Patterns? After designing the Felt Activity Board for One Thimble I was inspired to create more, especially with flowers.


Click on the link to download now and start your very own Felt Floral Creations!

And don't forget the Felt Activity Board available with One Thimble in Issue 19 or as single download here.

That's all for now lovelies!

Take Care & Have A Beautiful Crafty Day

Candice xx

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