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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
I'm Shiny, I'm Sweet, I'm Soft & I'm Chic!

I'm Shiny, I'm Sweet, I'm Soft & I'm Chic!

Good Morning Beautiful Felt People!

Can you believe it is just over two months until Christmas Day! How in the world did that happen. I came to this realisation when my daughter told me she wanted to go shopping for toys LOL. I explained to her that we wouldn't be going because Christmas is nearly here and that's when it hit me... Yikes!

So me being me went into panic mode and went to the craft room... What am I making for Christmas this year! Read on and find out what's going to happen in the craft room this season.

In this chat;

  • Metallic & Glitter Wool Felt &
  • Update on the arrival of the next batch of Wool Felt & The Crazy Christmas Delivery Period

Metallic & Glitter Wool Felt

So one thing that did make me smile in the craft room was all the delicious Metallic and Glitter Felt I have sitting here so beautifully stacked and waiting to go to it's forever home. One thing for sure is that there is no shortage of inspiration online at the moment. Have you seen these absolutely adorable creations made lately with Metallic Felt!

 And that's just the start, Check this out!

Then when you start to wonder if it would work with other mediums... this happened!

Here's how I'm going to start off my next Christmas projects with either the Metallic or Glitter Wool Felts. Give it a try!

  1. If your making a soft toy why not use Metallic or Glitter for the belly, bottoms of feet or even the inside of the ears to add another special element to the creation 
  2. Are you making a gorgeous flower garland or flower headpiece? Why not use Metallic or Glitter for the center of the flowers or even the leaves, really makes the final creation stand out from the rest
  3. If you want to use either for your Christmas Tree Decorations cut out different shaped stars and using a standard stitch on your sewing machine sew them all together from tip to tip to create a long garland for your tree. At night when it's dark and your tree is the only thing lighting up the room, imagine the shine that will come off the garland, just gorgeous.

The ideas are endless, give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

Check out the beautiful selection of Metallics and Glitters by clicking on the picture links below.

Delivery of Wool Felt & Crazy Christmas Delivery Period

The next massive batch of Wool felt is due to arrive next week beginning 29th October. The delay's only mean it surely is that time of year and we all should start making sure we get our Christmas orders in soon.

Here's how not to be disappointed this season.

Call me (call me) on the line 
Call me, call me any, anytime

Get on the old telephone and give me a call! I'm always happy to chat and there is no time better than now to let me know if you can't find what your looking for or if you want help with your order! Call me anytime during business hours on 0428122639. Or if you're a bit shy email me at

Can't Find The Right Size Of Felt, Glitter Or Metallics? Each product has allocated stock to each size with a little left over for stock variations and off cuts. In the event you can't find the size you need in the colour you want, call or email me to see if I can rearrange the stock. It's that easy!

Plan your Christmas Creations Now! It's going to be harder for Australia Post to get your order to you on time if you leave it to last minute. I know many may think Australia Post are not the best couriers in the world, however I beg to differ. Here at the Chinchilla Post Office I have worked tirelessly with them to get the best service for my business. Here are some ideas that will make sure you get your goods on time, and also help Australia Post locate any late or (heaven forbid) missing parcels.

  • By upgrading your parcels to Express or letter postages to Registered Post it will increase your chances of helping Australia Post deliver your goods quickly or locate any late items.
  • Remember My Felt Lady is in Chinchilla Queensland. Express deliveries are not overnight however it does reduce the amount of days it would normally take if it were regular post.
  • During the high season it could take longer to process your order so if you are wanting something sent out straight away, please make it as a special note on your order and I'll do my best to get it out as quickly as I can.

Finally, I'm only human. I process many, many orders daily and I will always do the best I can, so if you do have any concerns, please call or email. This is the best way to contact me.

Well that's all from me lovelies! I hope you have a fabulous crafty day! OH and tag me in all your creations, I'd love to see what's inspiring you.

Candice xxx

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