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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Why Wool is Better than Synthetics for Sewing Projects

Why Wool is Better than Synthetics for Sewing Projects

Hey there, my lovely crafty friend!

Let's talk wool vs. synthetics in sewing projects – it's a topic that's as fascinating as it is important. So, grab a cuppa and cozy up because we're diving deep into the wonderful world of wool!

First off, let's talk sustainability. Wool is like the superhero of natural fibres – it's renewable, biodegradable, and oh-so-friendly to our planet. Unlike synthetic fabrics that rely on fossil fuels and sketchy chemicals, wool comes straight from our fluffy friends, the sheep. It's a win-win for Mother Earth and your conscience!


Now, onto durability. Picture this: you spend hours crafting the perfect project, only for it to start falling apart after a few wears. Ugh, the worst! But fear not, because wool is here to save the day. This stuff is tough as nails – it can handle all the hugs, snuggles, and adventures you throw its way without breaking a sweat. Take that, flimsy synthetics!

But wait, there's more! Wool is naturally flame-resistant, making it the safer choice for everything from clothing to kids' toys. Plus, it's super versatile – you can use it for everything from fashion to home decor to DIY projects. The possibilities are endless!

So, there you have it – wool is the undisputed champ when it comes to sewing projects. It's sustainable, durable, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish. What more could you ask for? So, next time you're planning your next crafting adventure, make sure to reach for wool felt from My Felt Lady. Trust me, your projects will thank you later!

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Candice from My Felt Lady - March 25, 2024

Hi Jennie!

Oh what a gorgeous idea. Often we leave a lot of the teddy designs up to the brilliant Jodie Carlton from Ric Rac, the adorable Fiona Tully from Two Brown Birds or even the stunning Simone Gooding from May Blossom. But for you, we would love to give it a try!

Thank you for the beautiful suggestion ;)

Yours Feltfully

Jennie - March 25, 2024

Great article! (I don’t suppose you have a pattern for the dear little bear showing off the glories of felt, in the photo accompanying the story?) ❤️

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