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How to Order 100% Merino Wool Felt

How To Order 100% Merino & Pure Wool Felt

When ordering 100% Merino Wool Felt you can select the following sizes.

8x12" – Standard, 8x24", 8x36", 12x16", 16x24", 16x36", 40x36" (1mtr x 0.91mtr)*

36" is 1 yard.

The 8x12" sheets are precut and sent as single sheets, these will not be cut as one piece if multiple items of the same colour is purchased.

Where possible the 36” yards will be cut single if more than 1 combination of the same colour is purchased.

The bolt length is 72" wide. To purchase a full bolt length please contact me at

*40x36" is not a stock standard product. Where possible this will be sent when purchased however there will be times when this size is unavailable. Lead times for delivery when unavailable is up to 2 weeks. To avoid disappointment, contact to obtain stock availability before ordering.