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Avast, ye scurvy dogs, Sycamore Shorts Ahoy!

I love doing something unique for children's birthday parties, and since I'm a sewer it's no surprise I sew them something as their gift. So for my friends little boy's 1st birthday party I decided to make him some very cute shorts. I found this pattern on my favorite website Craftsy. I thought these would be fantastic as I know boy's LOVE putting things in their pockets.
So downloaded the pattern and off I went. I picked up some fabric from a patchwork shop I worked in at the time, Lavender Patchwork called Treasure Island by Nutex. Such funky fabric I couldn't wait to start creating.
As this pattern is available free online, I won't run through all the instructions, but I'll show you some pictures of the sewing in action.
Since I've started using digital patterns I've come up with some tips and tricks to the perfect way to cut out these patterns using your scrapbooking equipment. This to come later, and I hope it will help you when you purchase these in the future.
How cute are these pockets! I couldn't see how they would finally be made into a pocket, but once I read though the instructions, it all became clear.
OH, and don't do what I did when it came to trimming the top of the shorts at an angle.... this is what NOT to do :)
See how I cut the angle when the shorts were folded!!!! Dope... Open the shorts out and THEN cut the angle at the top according the instructions. I couldn't mend the situation so I had to cut a complete new set. I made these ones into a smaller set.
And we're done! I'll be making these ones for my little man come summer time, just need to wait to see how big he will be! He's so tall, I have to amend most patterns so they are longer on him lol.
I hope you enjoyed these, You can find the pattern for these Sycamore Shorts HERE by Sew Like My Mom.
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