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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
It's a beautiful time to be crafting

It's a beautiful time to be crafting

Every single year it just gets better and better. I just absolutely LOVE Christmas! It is always the perfect time to get creative with so many beautiful patterns and inspirational designs. I just adore the use of felt in so many different ways. From Christmas tree ornaments to even the decorations on the presents, it just fills my little felt heart with warmth the use of wool felt in the world.

These past two weeks I've seen many more new customers at My Felt Lady due to the lovely and sweet Lauren Wright from Molly and Mama. So much so that there have been over 140 new international subscribers to our store! This is HUGE for a small business. I am so honoured to have you all here as well as our local Australian fans enjoying our products and services so I just wanted to give you all a beautiful country Australian warm welcome!

If you are wondering what I mean by all the new beautiful subscribers from Molly and Mama, it is because she is holding the most inspirational 12 days of Christmas on her Facebook Group Page called Molly and Mama Makers.


There have been the most inspirational designs and with over 2000 current members, you can see why this is something to be a part of.

Look at one of the inspirational designs from the 12 days of making! How sweet!

My Felt Lady with Molly and Mama Makers 12 days of Making


So do yourself a favour and pop over to this page now and be a part of the Felt Design movement and get crafting today!

Thank you Lauren for sharing your love of Wool Felt in your creations. Thank you even more for sharing links to my page, I'm having the best time watching all our lovely Free Sewing patterns being downloaded, such a true heartfelt feeling knowing people all over the world are enjoying themselves with our designs.

View all of our Free Sewing patterns here

My Felt Lady Free Wool Felt Sewing Patterns
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Lauren from Molly and Mama - December 15, 2023

Thanks for sharing Candice. What a wonderful community we both share too. Designing and sewing with your felt is such a joy! 😍

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