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Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Bundle Up! SAVE up to 15% on Wool Felt Sheets
Unlock the Magic of Crafting this Season with 5 Must-Haves

Unlock the Magic of Crafting this Season with 5 Must-Haves

It's game on people! The crafting season is upon us and by now you should be sewing up a storm!

My Felt Lady Wooden Santa and Elves

Here are my 5 handy tips to keep your inspirational designs perfectly cut, sewn with ease and organised like a pro!

  1. Crafters' Best Friends: Snip with precision using the amazing 5" or smaller KAI scissors. We get ours from The Scissor Man, they are SUCH good quality. And with this, you'll need to thread your creative path with DMC #7 needles, a dynamic duo for the ultimate crafting experience.
    • Ge your Scissors Here
    • Get your DMC Needles Here
  2. The Mini Marvels: Embrace the power of our Mini Ironing Boards and add the mighty Semco Mini Iron. They're like secret weapons for your crafting arsenal, making Freezer paper projects a breeze!
    • Get Our Mini Ironing Board Here
    • Get the Mini Semco Iron Here
  3. Freezer Paper Finesse: Wondering what Freezer Paper is all about? It's a crafting chameleon! Trace, iron, and cut with ease. Peel it off, and voila! Your perfect felt shape is revealed. Plus, you can reuse it like a pro!
    • Get your Freezer Paper Here
  4. Organize with Zip! Keep your projects pristine and stress-free with jumbo zip-lock bags. Safeguard your sewing patterns, supplies, and sanity, all in one place.
    • Large Zip Lock bags can be purchased at any major grocery stores
  5. The Felt of Dreams: Quality matters, especially when crafting for the holidays. Our 100% Wool Felt, crafted from Australian Fleece, guarantees your festive creations will stand the test of time. Create with confidence and a touch of eco-friendliness!
    • If you don't know where to get good quality 100% Wool Felt... are we really friends HAHAHA - Get your incredibly amazing Wool Felt Here
My Felt Lady Australian Flora Blossoms Wreath

Give the gift of handmade magic this season, knowing you've chosen sustainable, top-quality materials. Get ready to craft your heart out with pride! Explore more Christmas crafting ideas at My Felt Lady.


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